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 if you have not signed up here you win so many prizes

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PostSubject: if you have not signed up here you win so many prizes   Sun Feb 04, 2007 6:09 pm

you can win prizes so quickly and easyly it is awesome you can win all of these plus more so far I have won 2 $25 VISA gift cards and 1 fandago movie ticket!!! SO IF you have not signed up yet just click on the picture

Amazon Gift Certificate (0 Chips)
Instant Win - gift certificates are the perfect solution for any special occasion. From celebrating birthdays, graduations and weddings to inspiring...

Fandango Gift Certificate (0 Chips)
Instant Win - Fandango Bucks is the best way to give the gift of movies! You can use them on toward the purchase of any movie, any...

Ipod Shuffle (6,000 Chips)
Time to mix things up. Meet iPod shuffle, the unpredictable new iPod. What will it play next? Can it read your mind? Can it read...

Ipod Nano (10,000 Chips)
Take everything you love about iPod and shrink it. Now shrink it again. The pencil-thin iPod nano packs the entire iPod experience into an impossibly...

Canon Camera (15,000 Chips)
Sure it's a fashion statement, but the PowerShot SD30 Digital ELPH lives up to its looks with impressive features including a 5.0 Megapixel CCD...

PSP (20,000 Chips)
The PSP system's dazzling widescreen LCD brings gaming to life. Whether reaching your personal best or locked in wireless combat, you'll...

Ipod Video (20,000 Chips)
Witness the evolution of the revolution. First it played songs. Then photos. Then podcasts. Now iPod plays video, changing the way you...

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if you have not signed up here you win so many prizes
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