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 Banner tutorial

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PostSubject: Banner tutorial   Mon May 07, 2007 3:47 pm

Ok this is going to be a tutorial on banners that i am making after this you will be able to make amazing banners it will be so easy. So first let me tell you what program we are going to use GIMP some people say it is hard I think it is vary easy to use it has great effects and you can do things vary fast. The download link is here you can make vary cool things with gimp here is one of the banners i made with gimp you can make even cooler ones than that one much cooler. first download GIMP and install it. Once you have done that open it and you will be ready to start right away. First you can make the text and chose one of the tons of effects for your text like aline glow, glowwing hot, frosty, texture and much more to see the list go to the top of the page and click on Xtns then go to script-fo and go to logo then there you can chose which effect for the text you want and what the text is some times you can chose the gradeint or backround color the size of the text and so forth here is what it looks like if you want a backround then go to new open then open the backround for your image you want. Then click to add things to your backround go to file and click open as layer then open the text to put in you banner. you can take away the backround of the text by going to where it shows the layers and click on the little picture of an eye that is by the text that says backround. and there you have it. It is vary easy and it creates the shadow and colors. Have any questions post them here. I would love to see what you have done post some images that you have just done with GIMP.

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Banner tutorial
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