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 Good news searchchips Read

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PostSubject: Good news searchchips Read   Good news searchchips Read Icon_minitimeFri Sep 14, 2007 6:54 pm

Searchchips may not be back up yet but I made a site for searchchips where members of searchchips can chat all about searchchips the site is but at that site talk to other members of searchchips about searchchips I am in the process of contacting the new searchchips owner but of course the email on the searchchips site does not work so I have contacted glen the old owner and asked him if he could get in touch with the new owner and if he can then to send me an email back saying he can but I waiting on a response. But well we are waiting we can still chat all about searchchips so go to the site and start talking if you know any other searchchips member please tell them to go there. So then if one person finds out some thing about what is happening with the new searchchips site then they can post about it on the site and then every body can know what is happening I hope you guys go to the site and try it out. Have fun. If you have not ever been to searchchips then you should still go to this site since you can talk with members of searchchips who have been members for a long time and that can tell you all about the site. The site that you can do all this is at Go to it and add it to your favorites.

Good news searchchips Read Finaltruecf8
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Good news searchchips Read
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