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 prizes I have won so far look and see

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prizes I have won so far look and see Empty
PostSubject: prizes I have won so far look and see   prizes I have won so far look and see Icon_minitimeThu Feb 15, 2007 10:04 pm

This is so awesome on my searchchip accont which you can join by
clicking the picture below this message well on it I just won anouther
prize I won a Fandago movie ticket for free so far on my account I have
won 2 $25 VISA gift cards and 1 fandago movie ticket and there is no
surveys or any thing it is so awesome you have to join and once you win
something you can post here or in the searchchip forum about what you
won it will not be long in tell you win it is so easy it is not like
those horrible stupid ads that say you get it for free and then they
make you buy some thing. I hate those. I am also now vary close to
wining a ipod shuffle or I could save up my points to get some thing
else. One of my other friends has won an ipod shuffle and an ipod nano.
It is just so awesome just click on the picture below. you can win so much money so far I have got $50 in real money that is alot when you get it all for free and I am going to get even more money soon

prizes I have won so far look and see Finaltruecf8
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prizes I have won so far look and see
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