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 Where did you download MP3 ?

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PostSubject: Where did you download MP3 ?   Sun Mar 11, 2007 5:31 pm

Hey folks!

I'm just a newbie here, so please dont be angry on me, looks like you are all normal guys here,
So I would like you to ask, where did you donwload all of this MP3 files ? I tried several websites like
and they
are quite good, but maybe you can recommend me some other sites for it ?

Thank you in advance for you help !
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PostSubject: Re: Where did you download MP3 ?   Mon Apr 30, 2007 6:51 pm

well heres some things to take into concideration:
1. never say"I tried several websites like" and then give no example
2. you spelt download like this"donwload"
3. to awnser your question it depends on what type of mp3 your loooking for if you want ones that come from bands or ones that are used on games:

if you want to listen to band mp3 do this:
1. download limewire or ares programs and search for what you want
2. go here: or just go to other topics on mp3's and follow there links

if you want ones for games do this:
i suggest you you get midi files from this place:
or if you just want mp3's for your game go here:
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Where did you download MP3 ?
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