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 Graveyard Battles

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game maker
game maker

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PostSubject: Graveyard Battles   Sat Mar 17, 2007 9:04 am

Graveyard Battles
made with Game Maker v4.2

Download link:


This game I saw on a mobile phone. I decided to make it on PC but with some changes. You are an undead who must fight other undeads and destroy them. There are three different levels with different undeads. You can destroy your enemies by walking through them, because you have knives that kill everything that passes throught them. The other way of destroying the undeads is burning them with flames.
Have fun!


left - move left
right - move right
down - move down
up - move up
num2 - fire down
num4 - fire left
num6 - fire right
num8 - fire up
F5 - save game
F6 - load game
esc - exit game
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Graveyard Battles
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