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 Super Bowser Kart 2

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PostSubject: Super Bowser Kart 2   Super Bowser Kart 2 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 17, 2007 11:07 am

This is the sequel to Super Bowser Kart, which you can find here!

Super Bowser Kart 2 Superbowserkart2mq5

A TNT Truck full of explosives is unable to stop - and if it crashes into anything, it will blow up and destroy the world! Who will save us - Bowser will!

The objective of the game is to clear a path for the TNT truck, so it won't explode. Throughout the game, you must ram into buildings, patch up holes, build bridges over the sea, shoot down skyscrapers and do various other missions. If the TNT truck explodes, you will get a game over and will have to restart the game from the first level!

There are 20 levels altogether.

New features:

You can play as Koopa and Wario!
You can build bridges over the sea
You can shoot down skyscrapers


File size: 1.40MB
Zipped: Yes
Ability to save / load where ever u want: no
Ability to change the screen resolution: yes

*This is quite a difficult game, and it is really unlikely that u will complete it on ur first go - so don't lose ur temper with it, it just takes practice!
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Super Bowser Kart 2
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