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 some more games you might like

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PostSubject: some more games you might like   some more games you might like Icon_minitimeSat Mar 17, 2007 1:10 pm

Editable Games

Capture the Flag

A simple capture the flag game, 2 player, 1 vs 1. Steal the other persons flag, and so forth. Not finished, just thought I'd post it.
My rating: 2/10
Date started and completed: Nov.19/06 - Jan.30/07
Download Link: Download

Stick Something

A stick game I made, it is currently unamed and it's one player. Platform, right now it's just one level, no enemies.
My rating: 5.5/10
Date started and completed: March.8/07 - March.9/07
Download Link: Download

Non-Editable/.exe Games


Self-response: I don't even remember the exact date I started working on this game but I always add stuff to it. This is a PLATFORM ACTION, 2 PLAYER, and just an awesome game. It's awesome and each character has their own individual special attacks and the levels are great!
My rating: 7/10
Date started and completed: ? - always adding stuff.
Download Link: Download

Future vs. Past

Self-response: This is a OVERHEAD game and it is 2 PLAYER. It's future people (Gun-men, a Rocketlauncher man, and Nukes) vs past people (Sword-men, Archers, and a catapult). This game is really awesome and it's very enjoyable to play. I suggest you download it!
My rating: 9/10
Date started and completed: Nov.12/06 - Feb.7/07 (May add more later on)
Download Link: Download

some more games you might like Finaltruecf8
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some more games you might like
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